Willy Walder




I am a Norwegian playwright, born in Bergen in 1963 and living in Trondheim the past twenty years.

For me the most important feature of drama is dialogue. Not as a a mere deliverance of words and meanings between well developed characters on stage, but rather as an exchange of different elements found in laguage, such as grammatical structures, ideas and notions, emotions and sensations, juxtaposing under an overarch of a theme. The key words then are difference, heteroglossia, polyphony in language that set in motion dialogical qualitites and possibilities, sounds and movements on stage.

Over the last years I have written some shorter texts without characters, plot, actions or place. A drama will always take place on stage, the actions will be the uttered words and enacted by the bodies saying them. The dramatic structure is the story.

By clicking the buttons above you may read some texts of mine, whole or excerpts. The translations are my doings, and it would probably be better to call them adaptions into an English language from Norwegian.

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