Willy Walder



from Norwegian Ærlighetkj (2010)


The title is an attempt to find an English equivalent to the Norwegian title of Ærlighetkj, which is based on kjærlighet (=love). Since I also saw the word ærlighet (=honesty) in kjærlighet, I then ended with the excavated reality of ærlighetkj. So Onestyh is sort of an equivalent; to find one in honesty. The text below is complete.


This play premiered in Oslo, August 2013, at the Norwegian Biennial Festival for Drama. Director: Johannes Holmen Dahl. Actors: Petter Vermeli, Madelena Sousa Helly-Hansen and Per Bogstad Gulliksen. Watch video here (40 minutes).




One or more actors.

Someone is alone.



Do you believe. It is. So.

Is it so. Do you believe.


You. You are there. It’s hard to believe incredible. I didn’t expect you. Surprised unexpected frightening almost. Almost like a verdict. Fate is called paranoia and I am not paranoid. Do you believe you are good enough. You are a stranger that is good. Do you believe you are good enough. I believe I can love someone who is not me. I believe I can love someone who not dead. Do you really believe. You are good enough do you really believe truthfully and true and absolutely that you are good enough. It’s not possible. I can’t give myself over or up or under. It’s not possible. Do you believe I can’t. It’s not possible or taboo or scandalous. That’s why I believe I maybe.


Shorter today what can I say shorter today. I’m shorter today. Talking is impossible taboo plain and straight and simply. Impossible. To talk shorter today is difficult impossible. Cold deposits in my lungs. It’s called paranoia. Who do you believe you are a stranger. Today is shorter and we are moving. The secrets live on the tongue. Eastward. It’s impossible to talk the tongue lies. Motionless. We are moving far east and far north towards chukotka. The tongue is motionless weighed down by secrets. Those who live in chukotka live for walrus and reindeer they are not many surprisingly enough. Now. Do you believe you are good enough for him for her do you believe. It. Quite surprisingly the walrus is surprisingly big. My tongue is weighed down by weights secrets surprisingly quite unexpected. I don’t believe I don’t believe. It. Can you move in on my tongue in my mouth can you move my mouth. They live there and have a surprisingly dark skin not asian not turkic they are. Surprisingly. Dark. If you move into my mouth cold is warm and I can talk lovely. Not asian turkic but paleosiberian. Quite surprisingly enough. If you move into my mouth I can talk lovely a brand new language for me unexpected and quite strange a new language you furnish my mouth. Is this called speaking in tongues honestly lovingly godly an attempt to truly speak god. Surprisingly enough they talk an isolated language often put into the ridiculous bag called altaic languages. To talk lovely is good strange is good to talk strange because you are strange because it’s good. It isn’t so that everything originates from one point and grows outwards expanding you. It isn’t so I believe it isn’t so. It’s called paranoia. I don’t believe in it. I have always wanted to talk quite strange really and truly and different and lay in me or upon me a different tongue. A different wrong.


It is so it is sometimes different sometimes something just appear at the same time as something else as mere luck or bad luck or god or love or take a look at the bears for example. You expand my mouth and a new language or a new slavery. Even if chukotka is further north than for example oymyakon is quite milder if you take a look at the thermometer. You see. Real cold is something different because the ice cold wind blows while the gulag prisoners dig for metals with frozen blue fingers blue frozen fingers on frozen blue corpses equally equal in spirit as community. Before the community of prisoners and luck and bad luck or fate in the enormous soviet. And sometimes and it isn’t me you are at some times different and you release me. Words that don’t exist until they are flesh and risk for god’s love must be incarnated or else it could all be the same. Because any emptiness in siberia the electrons move slower in relation to each other every movement eastward or northward cost more blood and then freezes to ice and the heart frozen to the ribs and the tongue frozen to the palate. That’s beautiful too. The dead don’t disappear because nothing can rot when the electrons move so slowly. It’s not me you are. It releases me because I am quite different than I am and I am a stranger because that releases me. If I return to the point of origin and shame I believe the shame forgot to be shameful because I believe I am without chances and shame and all I held back frozen to my tongue is measured against the rigid north eastern coldest cascades of new tongues speaking new measures of reality and measures of finding new measures. Different words for genitals.


Rainbow trout pink salmon black crowberry a piece of cake because the kamchatka brown bear needs them. Do you believe you can on friday on monday on the afternoon today or in time one day do you believe that you can because I need to see you soon or someone else that’s not good but since you I am shameless and do you believe I can be a good person if you can or do you believe tuesday is a better day or at night or at the table or any preposition you believe is best for you believe I could be faithful faithless shameless do you believe that I believe that I believe the ice cold wind could freeze the polar sea. Motionless waves because I believe the bear is asleep and is afraid of waking up and is afraid of being a bear for life out of hibernation outside the den. Do you believe that you believe the bear. Vitus jonasson bering was danish and helped the tsar to explore implore an empire outward because every point can grow too much and is similar to cancer and is similar to madness because why own more land than your eyes can see on a clear day and why own more land. Bering never reached the strait but he said it had to be there or maybe over there or somewhere. Can you come if I come and do you believe in my coming jesus returning because he promised to return in an explosion and a judgement and we promised nothing to each other because we dream if only we dream about dreaming of running away and towards promises we never made and hands always washed. Two hands and they are clean and always washed not dirty and a reek of fluids between bodies and fingers but we promised nothing to each other because no promises are more promising than bodies confirming or the sound of community. No promises are more promising or better than joy and pleasure and moaning when you left. Bering never reached the strait but he believed. As if a chukotkan believes in some sort of boil of a peninsula because of currents in the sea and the birds. As if denmark exists. As if names make patterns in the soil as if names give names to frozen soil blue frozen prisoners captive fingers in frozen soil and here it is. Here the community lies. We call it bering because this is the edge because this is the end because this is the end of siberia. The bear is attracted to the human remains remnants human rubbish maybe the name bering is attractive to the humans. Do you look like each other. Ursus arctos beringiansus is friendlier than other bears less aggressive maybe the bear is a good animal maybe the bear has a good coating and is attracted to the humans maybe the bear understands the bear is not worse a bear than humans are human or other plantigrades maybe. The bear is attracted to humans and remnants. In honesty I didn’t find truth but only one. And a sty or a bearsty. If you are threatened or the bear or scared or surprised surprisingly paranoid or unexpected then the bear can because the bear is difficult to measure to calculate a bear because the bear can despite all your or my calculations or expectations the bear can attack.


Maybe humans do you believe are hard to calculate. Do you believe I can if you come do you believe I believe you believe that I can if I come wednesday you moan if I leave sunday. What kind of bereavement. If I leave sunday. Do you believe or do I believe that Jesus returns if you are my future. Or if I can. Do you believe you are good enough to expand yourself. That there are reasons for reasons that I for example or you for example or thursday e.g. because I have always felt that thursdays are good if we met thursday if you come thursday I believe in currents and we fall over the edge toward the end. We are community one by one toward the end. Do you believe jesus will return. Do you believe you can contribute or be something more or someone more than what little you are helplessly blue frozen mouth without maybe. Without possibility of expansions. Because the electrons are motionless. Prisonfingers in the soil. Because here it is. Here the community lies. We call it bering beacuse this is the end baby. Of siberia. A baby and tiny blubbered fingers as if names make people. Such a thick blubberbaby as the danish polar blue and permafrozen and ambitions called vitus as if names create frost or corpses or life and travel eastward and northward for the sake of faith.


Do you believe. Is it so.


Do you believe.


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